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Old 29th April 2012
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smellycat can tell one end of a horse from the other

Originally Posted by fofo View Post
Smelly cat, don't you hate having a stable like that? I tried shutting the top door the other day but Teg thought she had died and that was her coffin So top door has to stay open.
Even more annoying when you don't have a top door!! Mine is one of 2 stables outside on the yard and not under cover in the 'barn' it's also annoying in summer when all those in the barn want to tie up outside my stable in the sunshine! Just can't win!
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Old 30th April 2012
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fougere can tell one end of a horse from the other

I didn't ride my bike up the field today. It was foul. Really cold, bucketing with rain and blowing a gale.
I thought someone had nicked my two boys when I arrived. No sign of either of them, not even a head peeping round the edge of the shelter. But they were there, lurking in the back of the shelter. Both were dry and they'd left a huge pile of poo so they'd been in for quite some time.

As it was only 2 degrees, I relented and gave them a small strip of grass.
They braved the elements to go and eat that
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Old 30th April 2012
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rowy can tell one end of a horse from the other

All mine were indoors yesturday. Even Lola with her bright pink rug on
Our fields are pretty much flooded. They are a bit better today as winds have blown away a lot of the water.
Was soooo warm today though!
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