Horse Care

horse care and health This section offers basic horse care information and guidelines. Anyone owning a horse is responsible for its welfare and a horse will require routine care and a commitment to look after it. The commitment to care for a horse includes the provision of veterinary treatment if the horse becomes ill and this can be costly but there are a variety of insurance companies that offer insurance cover for horses to cover veterinary fees in the case of accident or illness.

Horse Equipment and Clothing
Information about horse equipment and clothing.

Money Saving Tips For Horse Owners
Owning a horse is expensive so check out our money saving tips.

Horse And Equipment Security
Information about security of horse and equipment.

Caring For A Grass Kept Horse
Information about caring for a horse kept at grass.

Caring For A Stabled Kept Horse
Information about caring for a horse kept stabled.

Keeping A Horse At Livery
Advice on choosing a livery yard and information on the different types of livery.

Horse Body Weight
How to weigh a horse and an approximate guide to a horse's body weight by height.

Feeding Horses
Information about feeding horses, types of feed for horses, feeding times, quantities and ratios.

Horse Health
Information about normal vital signs for a horse, horse illnesses and diseases.